Diving with Emerald Charters


Dive Emerald Charters

This big 42 footer is USCG certified. The 3 Tank Trip leaves at 8:00 am and returns at approximately 3:00 pm.   These 3 Tank Dive Trips aboard the Emerald are limited to Nitrox (EAN) Certified and Experienced Divers with Advanced Open Water Certifications or extensive deep and drift diving experience.

  • Cost for the 3 Tank Dive Trip is $ 100 during the week and $125 on the weekends per person,  and includes a gourmet box lunch from The American Gourmet.
  • EAN 100 CF Steel Tanks can be rented from Scuba Works for $21.50 per tank.
  • EAN 80 CF Alum Tanks can be rented from Scuba Works for $16.50 per tank.
  • Weights, BCDs, Regulators, Wetsuits, and Safety Markers (SMBs) are also available from Scuba Works for rental for your excursion.

Call Scuba Works at (561) 575-3483 to reserve your spot.

Our Mission is to have fun and go wherever the action is.

Nitrox Required

What is Nitrox?

Nitrox or Enriched Air (EAN) is a breathing gas mixture that contains a higher levels of oxygen than normal air, which contains 21% oxygen.

3 Reasons to Use Nitrox

  1. Longer bottom times- Safely get the most out of your dive time when using Nitrox. For example, a diver using 36% Nitrox on a 90-foot dive will have significantly more time than a diver using air.
  2. Shorter Surface Intervals - With Nitrox, you absorb less nitrogen than a diver breathing air. Therefore, the amount of nitrogen needed to off-gas is much less. The less off-gassing time means you are back in the water faster.
  3. Longer Repetitive Dives - This comes in handy when you are doing two or three-tank dives. A diver using Nitrox will have more time on their second dive than an air diver because the Nitrox diver has, once again, absorbed less nitrogen.

Become Nitrox Certified

Due to the nature of the diving Emerald Dive Charters commonly does, we require that divers are Nitrox certified.

Nitrox certifications are fast and easy.  We work exclusively with Scuba Works in Jupiter, FL for all our training certifications.  There, you will hook up with an experienced and qualified instructor to review Nitrox material, and learn how to analyze your tanks prior to diving.

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