Scuba Dive West Palm Beach

Dive West Palm Beach

Experience the Best Diving in West Palm Beach, FL with Scuba Works!

If you are looking to dive West Palm Beach, then look no further.  All diving here in West Palm Beach is Drift Diving, where the boat follows the reef system as divers let the currents guide them along the reefs and ledges to see turtles, eels, barracuda, plant life, coral formations, Goliath Grouper, and even sharks.  Dives are in the 70 - 90 feet range along the sites north of the West Palm Beach Inlet more commonly known as the Juno Ledge and Jupiter Dive sites - Tunnels, the Wreck Trek, Area 51, the Deep Ledge, and other unique sites. Several reef systems, wrecks, and ledges hold an abundance of sea life, and the water clarity is usually 40+ feet. Water temperatures are in the 75 - 85 degree range in the summer months, and 72 - 78 degrees in the winter months. Wetsuits are suggested for both warmth and protection.

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Experience Diving With The Scuba Works Team !

DIVOCEAN - Our New 36 Ft Newton Dive Special

  • Captain, Crew, and Dive Masters from Scuba Works
  • In Water Dive Master on Each Dive
  • Diving with Only 16 Divers on a 36 Ft Boat - Lots of Space !
  • 2 Ladders, Showers, Great Beverages and Snacks, Rinse Buckets, Camera Tables - All the Amenities
  • Boat Located at Square Grouper Tiki Bar / Castaway's Marina - 1111 Love Street, Jupiter FL
  • Free Parking While You Dive
  • Safety Marker (SMB) and Timing Device Required for All Divers
  • Nitrox Computer Required for All Nitrox Divers
  • Just $ 80 per Trip for a 2 Tank Dive Trip - Departures Promptly at 8 AM Weekdays, 8 AM and 1 PM Sat and Sun


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We pride ourselves on booking the right trip with you. Scuba Works offers a variety of dive options. We want the right dive experience for you! Why not try Jupiter Diving or the Blue Heron Bridge?