PADI Open Water Referral

Complete your Scuba Certification

Have you completed your pool training elsewhere and are looking to complete your open water checkout dives?

The Referral Program is ideal for divers who want to start their diving education at home, and finish in the beautiful conditions of Jupiter, FL. The program works by you completing the academics and confined water portions of the class at your local dive center, and finishing your dives with us!

By completing the theory portion of the scuba certification course before leaving on vacation, student divers eliminate the need to study on vacation. Students who study dive theory back home usually have a longer period of time to learn the information than those who try to cram studying into vacation hours. In general, referral students tend to have a better grasp of dive theory than those who study on vacation.

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Referral Prices: Completion of Open Water Dives

Bridge and Bridge - $249
Bridge and Dive Boat - $389
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