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Sep 28, 2024



Dates:  September 28 to October 5, 2024


Cost  $1665 pp diver / $1265 pp non-diver – Double occupancy / Single supplement: $800.00

These costs are non-refundable.


Important Notes

·         Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your trip return date (April 2025). Please double-check this now to give yourself time if yours needs to be renewed. This can take longer than you might expect.



·         Accommodations – One bedroom apartment with kitchen. There are one or two beds as needed.

·         Truck rental:  One truck per apartment

·         Truck insurance

·         American style breakfast daily

·         Nine boat dives

·         Nearly unlimited shore diving

·         At least one guided beach night dives

·         Use of weights and tanks for boat and shore dives

·         Free Nitrox upgrade

·         Airport transfers


Not Included:

·         Airfare

·         Bonaire Nature Fee for divers – $45.00 to be paid in advance online. The link to do this is: 

·         Tips – Plan on tips for boat crew and housekeeping

·         Meals and snacks (except breakfast)

·         Beverages

·         Fuel for rental truck


Miscellaneous Notes:

·         Restaurant pricing is on par with Jupiter, FL establishments

·         Amstel beer – they have the real thing, not what you can purchase in the U.S. 😊 

·         Gouda cheese – it’s amazing! Straight from Holland.

·         Average water temperature is 80 degrees, air 82 degrees. This is year-round due to being just north of the equator.

·         Currency is the American dollar!



Equipment Needs (Your packing list):

·         No gloves!! Don’t even bring them. They work hard to protect their reefs and no gloves goes a long way toward helping divers to not touch.

·         Regulator and computer. Backup computer recommended, though not required.

·         BCD, wetsuit, hood if you wear one, mask, fins, snorkel, boots (neoprene socks if using full foot fins for beach diving protection), safety marker, defog, spare mask strap.

·         Camera – not required of course, but… 😊

·         Dive lights – We’re planning at least one guided shore night dive. If you plan to participate, you will need the following:

o   Primary and a backup recommended.

o   Tank light – NO cyalume sticks.

·         Spare battery flight regulations

o   Lithium batteries should be in the equipment they are for (like your dive light) with the equipment secured in the Off position. Spares should be in the original packaging or secured with electrical tape covering the connections and be taken in your CARRY-ON bag.

Night Diving Info

·         We will be doing at least one guided night dive from the shore. This will probably be different from any of your previous night dives.  Blue Heron Bridge is perfect for this. Look for dates that we have night dives available. Night diver classes will also be available prior to the trip and ON the trip!

·         Shore night dives are available for you to do on your own any night except for the last night we’re there.

General Packing List – Italic print are must-haves.

·         Passport

·         Certification cards – main card and Enriched Air card

·         Drivers’ License

·         Credit card – cash is discouraged in most places right now

·         DAN Card or other diver specific insurance card

·         Sunscreen – You’ll be almost on the equator, sun is strong. Only reef and environment safe sunscreens are allowed on the island. Stream2Sea is available at Scuba Works.

·         Sunglasses

·         Two bathing suits and beach towels – one to wear, one drying 😊

·         Dry bag to take on boat

·         Hat – The wind blows all the time.

·         Jacket or sleeves for evenings and possibly for the boat

·         Water bottle!

·         Casual attire – you can go almost anywhere in shorts and t-shirt to full-on dressed up.

Give us a call or email with any questions.  (561) 575-3483 /

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