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Oct 7, 2023


We’re leaving out of St. Maarten, going to Saba, then on to St. Kitts – We don’t have to go back to where we began, so MORE DIVING!

Dates: October 7 - 14, 2023

Liveaboard Company: Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet

Vessel: Caribbean Explorer II

Cost:    Cost: $2695 per person, double occupancy

All rooms have individually controlled air conditioning, private bathroom and shower.

Payments are non-refundable. We and Explorer Ventures highly recommend trip



·         7 nights/8 days aboard Caribbean Explorer II

·         All rooms have individually controlled air conditioning, private bathroom and shower.

·         3 meals daily, plus between-dive snacks

·         Up to 5 dives daily

·         Use of towels, tanks, weights and weight belts

·         Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages

Not Included:

·         Airfare to St. Maarten (airport code SXM) and airfare from St. Kitts (airport code SKB)

·         Airport transfers to/from the boat – currently about $15 – 30 per person in St. Maarten and $10-15 per person in St. Kitts

·         Optional land tours – $35 per person in Saba and $50 per person in St. Kitts (subject to change at any time)

·         Port/hotel, immigration and marine park fees – US$115 per person

·         Friday evening dinner

·         Rental equipment

·         Nitrox is additional if you wish to use it -- $10 per fill or $150 for the week

·         Courses taken while aboard

·         Crew gratuity – typically between 10% and 15% for trip cost, though this is totally at the discretion of the guest

·         Fuel Surcharges (Currently $215) – Subject to change up to 30 days prior to departure – This will be paid onboard the vessel.

·         Departure tax – This will probably be included in your airline ticket





Equipment and Other Items You’ll Need (your packing list) and a Few Packing Tips:


◻    Put your contact information inside and outside of each piece of luggage.

◻    If possible, pack your regulator, dive computer, mask, a swimsuit, change of clothes, necessary medications and toiletries in your carry-on bag. Having these few items with you will make an unexpected luggage delay easier. This also provides a little more protection for your regulator, computer and mask.

◻    If possible, pack your scuba equipment in a regular piece of luggage. Take a light gear bag to be used on the trip packed inside that same piece of luggage with your equipment. Standard luggage doesn’t scream “expensive scuba equipment” like a gear bag does.

◻    Certification card – take a picture of it to have on your phone along with actual card. Be sure to remember your Nitrox card if you wish to use Nitrox.

◻    Passport

◻    Dive Accident Insurance Card (required!)

◻    Credit card / cash to pay for Nitrox, fuel surcharge and other on-board charges (see below).

◻    Regulator and computer. Backup computer recommended, though not required. If you can’t pack these in a carry-on, be sure to pad/protect them well – maybe wrapped inside your wetsuit.

◻    BCD, wetsuit, hood if you wear one, mask, fins, snorkel, boots (unless using full foot fins), defog. Use the wetsuit and hood for padding your more fragile items.

◻    Camera – not required of course, but… 😊 Take this as carry-on if possible.

◻    Dive lights if you wish to participate in the night dives.

o   Primary light, tank light (NO cyalume sticks), and a backup recommended. Consider packing backup light and tank light in your boots and/or fins.

o   Have you tested your dive lights? Do you have a tank light and backup as well as a primary?

◻    Spare battery flight regulations

o   Lithium batteries should be in the equipment they are for (like your dive light) with the equipment secured in the Off position. Spares should be in the original packaging or secure with electrical tape covering the connections and be taken in your CARRY-ON bag.

◻    Jacket or sleeves for evenings

◻    Water bottle

◻    Casual attire – you will mostly be onboard. You may wish to bring slacks or tropical casual for dinner on shore, but not necessary.



What to do upon arrival in St. Maarten: (From the Explorer Ventures website)


·         Please plan to be in St. Maarten by 4pm on the date of departure in order to facilitate the vessel’s clearance and timely departure for Saba.

·         If you’re arriving at 3pm or later, please send us a copy of your passport prior to your departure.

·         If meeting the vessel in St. Maarten, look for our driver upon exiting the baggage claim area. If no one is present, simply catch a cab to Bobby's Marina in Philipsburg; the vessel will be located near the end of the dock.

St. Maarten – Saba – St. Kitts Itinerary

Saturday: St. Maarten

  • 3 pm: Guests begin boarding

  • 6:30 pm: Dinner (snacks or dinner available for those arriving on later flights)

  • 8:00 pm: Captain's Briefing, documents, etc.

  • 10:00 pm: Depart for Saba (2 1/2 hours) (Sometimes departure is earlier or later, but flights should not be scheduled for arrival after 4pm on Saturday)


Sunday - Tuesday: Saba

  • 5 dives daily; optional island tour on Monday. Night crossing to St. Kitts (2 1/2 hours).


Wednesday-Thursday: St. Kitts

  • 5 dives. Night at mooring.


Friday: St. Kitts

  • 2 dives and lunch; return to Port Zante. Afternoon island tour (optional) and dinner ashore, with night spent aboard the vessel at dock.


Saturday: St. Kitts

  • 0700-0830: Continental breakfast

  • 0900: Depart the vessel. Should you be leaving on an afternoon flight, feel free to leave your luggage aboard (or on the dock alongside) until you depart.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Up to 27 dives, including night diving

  • Saba Marine Park (protected since 1987)

  • Dramatic sites with offshore pinnacles and underwater seamounts

  • A diversity of finger reefs and coral labyrinths

  • Popular wrecks and historic underwater relics

  • A surge of macro-life activity on night dives

  • Sightings of nurse sharks, reef sharks, turtles, eagle rays, sea horses, frogfish, sailfin blennies, batfish, and more. Occasional dolphins and hammerheads too


Space is limited! Give us a call to book your space today!  

Scuba Works  (561) 575-3483


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