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Diving at the Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, Florida, offers a unique and exciting underwater experience. The bridge, which spans the Intracoastal Waterway, is home to a wide variety of marine life, including tropical fish, eels, crabs, and stingrays. The shallow depths, ranging from 5-15 feet, make it a great location for both novice and experienced divers. The clear waters and easy access from the shore make it a popular spot for snorkelers as well. Whether you're looking to explore the vibrant coral reefs or encounter some of the more exotic inhabitants of the area, a dive at the Blue Heron Bridge is sure to be a memorable experience.

Blue Heron Bridge Tips

TIME YOUR ENTRY: Your Blue Heron Bridge dive and snorkel experience depends on the tide. A good rule of thumb is to enter the water around high tide; roughly 30-60 minutes before high tide will give you the best results. Check out the tide chart.


BRING A FLAG: Divers, snorkelers, and sea creatures are not the only ones to use the water space. Boats move in and out of the area, so you need to make sure they see you by bringing a dive flag.  Scuba Works has dive flags for purchase or rent. Give us a call or stop by the shop.


HIRE A GUIDE: Get insider tips and see the best the Blue Heron Bridge has to offer by hiring a dive guide. Our experienced professional scuba and snorkeling guides will show you the best places to look for the amazing sea creatures that live there.

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