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Are you fascinated by the underwater world? Do you find yourself mesmerized by aquariums? Are you ready to challenge yourself and embark on a new adventure? Then scuba diving is the activity for you!

We are excited to offer scuba diving courses at our 5-Star PADI Dive Center. Our experienced instructors will be with you every step of the way as you train for this exciting new activity. We have a variety of class schedules available, with most training taking place on weekends. However, we do offer weekday classes in the summer and holiday weeks. Please confirm your schedule before signing up for a course. If you need to reschedule a session, there will be a $150 rescheduling fee to cover the instructor's time and expenses.

All training includes PADI book or eLearning coursework, followed by practical training in the pool and/or open water dives at Blue Heron Bridge or aboard our dive boat, Divocean.


In order to qualify for certification, you must complete your course in full.


Medical Questionnaire

Before beginning your scuba diving training, you will need to complete the PADI Medical Questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to determine if you have any pre-existing conditions that may affect your safety while diving. A positive response to a question does not necessarily disqualify you from diving, but it does mean that you should consult with your doctor before engaging in dive activities. Please make sure that you have completed this questionnaire before your first class and bring it with you.


Required Equipment

Scuba diving requires a lot of specialized gear, and each course has its own equipment requirements. Contact us to learn about the additional gear you will need before starting a course. As a Scuba Works student, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on masks, snorkels, fins, and boots at our shop before and during your training.

To get started in Open Water Diver training, you will need your own personal scuba-grade mask, snorkel, boots, and fins. The cost of your Open Water Diver class includes the use of tanks, regulators, BCDs, and wetsuits. However, we encourage you to bring your own exposure protection. If you would like to purchase a wetsuit prior to class, we offer a $30 discount off the cost of a new wetsuit (starting at $159). Vests, gloves, and hoods are also available for purchase at our shop.

Typical Open Water Certification course follows a format similar to the outline below:

  • Day 1: Classroom Session @ Scuba Works ~ Generally 4 hours

    • You will turn in paperwork to your instructor as well as receive the rest of your equipment.

  • Day 2: Pool Session @ TBD ~ 8AM - 5PM (End time can vary based on class size and time needed to completed skills)

  • Day 3: Open Water Dives 1 & 2 @ Blue Heron Bridge ~ Generally 4-6 hours (Start and end time varies based on high tide)

  • Day 4: Open Water Dives 3 & 4 @ Blue Heron Bridge ~ Generally 4-6 hours (Start and end time varies based on high tide)

We have courses scheduled through the end of the year with date and time options to fit most busy lift-styles. 



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